Therapy for Adolescents

Psychologist for Teenagers

Troubled young people like this one may benefit from seeing a psychologist for teenagers

The teenage years are marked with a range of challenges – rapid changes in social and emotional development, identity, relationships with family, and hormones and other aspects of physical development. These changes can be confusing and overwhelming, and may result in a range of emotional outcomes, including increased conflict with parents and peers, heightened emotional responsiveness and emotional concerns. 

A psychologist can help a teenager work through their difficulties by providing them with support, and helping them to gain a better understanding of themselves, the people around them and their environment. Early intervention is critical in cultivating resilience as they transition into adulthood.

Working with teenagers is not something that every psychologist can do. It requires a delicate balance between supporting the teen’s need of autonomy and increased needs for independence, with the balance of having parents involved when required. 

We understand getting the right fit of psychologist for your teen is critical. Both you and your child need to be comfortable with the person you choose, their methods of assessment and the type of treatment or therapy. For tweens, teens and adolescents, we understand how important the therapy room is, and are committed to providing a safe space. We offer assessment, diagnostic and treatment services for your adolescent that will capitalise on his/her strengths and interests.


At Vibe Psychology on the Gold Coast, we work with teenagers presenting with a range of issues and concerns. Some of the difficulties we support are: 

  • Anxiety (including HSC stress, procrastination, performance anxiety, study stress, separation anxiety, selective mutism, social anxiety, school refusal, phobias)
  • Adolescent and developmental issues, attachment, ADHD, ASD 
  • Depressive mood (including depression, grief/coping with death, self-harming)
  • Anger management, emotion regulation difficulties, behaviour problems, self-harm
  • Adjustment to separation/divorce, exam stress/study skills, bullying
  • PTSD and trauma
  • Bullying (target or perpetrator of bullying)
  • Relationship problems with family members
  • Peer issues: difficulties in friendships, making friends, social skills
  • Academic issues: resilience in navigating learning difficulties/disorders, problems with attention and concentration
  • Other issues: telehealth for Mental Health, perfectionism, self-esteem, sleeping problems, social skills, assertiveness training
  • Practicing strategies such as EMDR, CBT, EFT, ACT, Narrative therapy
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid course training for parents

** If the concerns you are seeking support for are not in the above list, please reach out via email to provide information and we can problem-solve the next steps together. 

If you would like to find out more about our treatment for any of the above conditions, or to book an appointment, please email

Referral Process & Stakeholder Collaboration

The Educational and Developmental Psychologist at Vibe Psychology is experienced in working with adolescents to provide assessment and intervention, and is able to work closely with high schools (upon consent of young person and parent) to improve the mental wellbeing of our clients. 

Young people and families may opt to work privately with Vibe Psychology, or seek a referral from a GP or paediatrician for therapy under a Mental Health Care Plan.

We often work in conjunction with the school learning support team, school counsellors and with class teachers. When necessary, we visit schools to meet with relevant staff to ensure a team approach to solving problems and to best support the social, emotional and learning needs of our teenage clients. 

A collaborative, holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing underpins our work at Vibe Psychology. In order to have a meaningful understanding of past specialist involvement we will want to read any reports you have already gathered, to help us in addressing the referral question. 

Additional Information for Separated Families

At Vibe Psychology we recognise the challenges that can be placed on parents and children when parents are in the process of, or have separated, or who have divorced. Therapy can be very helpful for children adjusting to all the changes that can occur during these transitional times.

To ensure your child’s time at Vibe Psychology does not become an extension of other conflict, we require both parents to provide written consent for therapy to continue and attendance is focused on the emotional health and safety of your teenager.

Please not Vibe Psychology does not provide statements to support court proceedings in process of separation or divorce. 

Telehealth Appointments

Our psychologist for teenagers offers telehealth appointments (available through phone and/or video consultations) if they are unable to attend face to face appointments, or if you are not located near our Coolangatta practice.

Telehealth appointments are eligible for Medicare rebates with a valid Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor, or you can access these telehealth sessions privately for your teenager. 

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