Professional Supervision & Consultation

Natalie has worked in the Education sector for the last 10 years. She provided specialist knowledge and expertise in social emotional wellbeing, mental health, behaviour and learning to schools. 

  • Guidance Counsellor support: Providing professional supervision and reflective practice to Guidance Counsellors, specialist knowledge and expertise regarding organisational processes.
  • School Support Teams support: Support of school wellbeing teams through professional learning (i.e., FBA YMHFA), support school teams in processes including implementation of support plans to cater to student needs (i.e., Safety plans, return to school, diversity support plans, behaviour plans) and supporting organisational policies and procedures (PB4L, SEL, Student Protection and attendance).
  • School Leadership support: Providing specialist knowledge to leadership teams in behaviour and other wellbeing domains and crisis situations- including development of support plans, complex case consultation, and return to school planning. 

Professional Training and Presentations

Natalie is a Master Trainer in Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA). She is also accredited to teach Youth MHFA Refresher, MHFA for Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Teen MHFA courses and facilitates both community courses, as well as provides in-house training to schools and organisations for MHFA courses listed above, as well as individualised training for school staff and parents on a range of topics. More information about these courses can be accessed via the MHFA website. Natalie travels to provide professional development to different communities. Please get in contact if this training is something you are interested in both MHFA training, as well as specialised training for your school staff.